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Gulbahce Cosmetic Chemistry Industry and Trade Limited Company
Who we are
Our company has been established in Bursa in 1991 as a manufacturer of personal care and decorative products . Since 1991 , our company that exceled in the market by increasing products range and its market share and consolided its name by improving itself , takes a place in the market as a leading company While adopting the quality and customer satisfaction as a principle , our chief principal is delivery the quality on time at private-enterprise prices.Main Products • Wet Wipes• Natural Liquid Hand Soaps• Smell Removers• Bamboo Decorative Room Parfumes• Natural Scent Sets• Private Label Printed Wet Wipes• Auto Care Products And Auto Perfumes• Natural ColoniesPrivate Label ProductsContract manufacturing can be done for the below products as per the customer ’ s demand.• Hair Care Products ( Shampoo , Conditioner , etc… ) • Bady Care Products ( Shower Gel , Body Lotion etc… ) • Baby Care Products ( Baby Shampoo , Baby Shower Gel , Baby Body Lotion , Baby Oil etc… ) • Patient Care Products ( Sanitary Wet Wipes , Hair Restraints etc… ) • liquified Detergents ( Dishwashing etc… .. ) too we have all the quality certificates with ISO and GMP certificates .
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