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Seilufreezer Co., Ltd.
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Established in 1999 , SeilUfreezer has accumulated abundance of experience and technology in cryogenic devices and has business in both the domesticated and outside market.Challenging the limts of very-and extremely-low temperature technologySeilUfreezer implemented single-stage refrigeration system in ultra-low , cryogenic temperature technology for the beginning time in the world in other 2000s.Based on legion research projects including industry-university research partnership with KAIST , we have created unrivalled very- and extremely-low temperature technology . non simply concentrating on the temperature , we have invested unnumerable hours and effort in product safety.This resulted in the birth of a unchanging refrigeration technology without fear of frequent breakdowns in the Korean climate , which has four discrete seasons . yet during the blistering summer , failures are really rarified . With such technical prowess as the backdrop , we have entered the South-East Asian market including the Philippines and Vietnam , a prelude for a leap to the orbicular stage.High-priced devices used in laboratories and semiconductor manufacturing - directly useable for food processingSeilUfreezers quick freeze devices employ refrigeration technology employed in semiconductor factory lines , requiring eminent degrees of precision and stability.In addition , by utilizing temperatures between 60 to 70 oftentimes used in nimble freezing vaccine , cells or blood we have opened fresh possibilities for eminent quality frozen food .
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