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Dear Sir , Kindly permit me to introduce our Company and The Products we can offer for EXPORT : We are sourcing RAW BOTANICAL PRODUCTS and NATURAL PLANTS/SEEDS/HERBS for Cosmetics , Aromatic and Medicinal use from Ghana and Africa for Export.We collaborate with Analyst , Reseachers and Consultants by providing samples and adapt products including over 100 species of those we export . Our major exports Include , Griffonia Simplicifolia , Voacanga Africana , Okuobaka , oil seeds/oils of Parinari , ximenia , vitex , Allanblackia , Kombo & shea Butter , African Black Soap and Byroscarpus coccineus.It is thence , our interest to work intimately with Extracting Companies , possible buyers and stock Brokers to market our Export Products , whereby , price quotes are assignable depending on Terms of Trade , Terms of Payment , Quantity Order and Delivery schedules.1 . We prefer CONTRACTUAL SUPPLY on Bulk purchases and continious supply.2 . We send samples up to 200g on some of our products , notwithstanding , it is our Company Policy , buyers pay for courier and postage of gratis samples on request.3 . We supply smaller quantities and Bulk orders to all Destinations , differently prohibited.WE WISH TO SERVE OUR BUYERS PROMPTLY , BETTER AND OPENLY FOR LONGTERM TRADE RELATIONS . TRY US ! ! ! ! Ghana , a tropic country in the West Africa sub-region abounds in over 2,000 medicative plants of assorted virile ACTIVE INGREDIENTS used in the manufacture of Orthodox medicines or drugs for the treatment of diseases . .We IMPORT Ear rings , Solar energy products , Security and Safety items , Building materials , Agriculture equipments and chemicals to Ghana and Africa . We are looking for collaboration for suppliers worldwide and besides represent Manufacturers in Ghana and West Africa .
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