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Sunflower Ukraine
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we are producer and aggregated distributor in the field of sunflower oil we offer to our customers a quality oil likewise sunflower nuts quick for consumation as for manufacturing surrounded by a dinamic team we have the best prices transport included on the internnational market we meet your needs Orders traked to destination Ukraine offers the best quality of sunflower oil on the external market thanks to our services you can benefit from it disregarding of your place of residence Due to the established culture and traditions , sunflower oil is today the principal vegetable oil in Ukraine , while the demand for former vegetable oils remains small . Most of our bottled sunflower oil is sold to Private Label , focused on several segments of consumers.We are one of the leading company in agri-business and have been serving this industry for more than years . We have our recent branch in Ukraine . Or products gain the certifications from all the leading certifiable authorities like IFS or FDA , SGS , ISO and HALAL . We provide our products chiefly in East Asia , in Balkan countries , Europe , USA , Canada and Middle East.We export these products in all these countries mentioned above .
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