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Zhuhai RJ Electronic Technological Co., Ltd
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Zhuhai RJ electronic technical Co. , Ltd involved in air conditioner diffused starter and its related field from 2015 , with an area of 20 , 000 straight meters and around 100 employees . Because from beginning introduced in world class high-pitched technology equipments and advanced stern management , so riotous developed and gained reputation in domesticated and abroad . In order to utterly control all steps of air-conditioner easy starter production and keep private-enterprise pricing , we associate all related sources and expand production covering single-phase softer starter and three-phases softer starter products . Our products series including : 1 . Single-phase softer starterRJ-ASSU220P3 applies to single-phase 1P/2P/3P air conditioner . It is used either for 50Hz or 60Hz . RJ-ASSU220P5 applies to single-phase 4P/5P air conditioner . It is used either for 50Hz or 60Hz . RJ-ASSU220P7 applies to single-phase 6P/7P air conditioner . It is used either for 50Hz or 60Hz . 2 . Three-phases softer starterRJ-ASSU380P15 applies to those three-phases air-conditioner diffuse starter and electric motors which the power is less than 18.5KW . It is used either for 50Hz or 60Hz . In addition , we can supply OEM service , and we can arrange production against your specific design , specification and packing requirements . Please rest assured that our quotation is the best honest and free-enterprise . We will be bound to give you a real sane and dispirited price upon receiving your firm order .
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