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Newbusi Industry Co.,Ltd
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NEWBUSI manufactures SSS and SMMS nonwoven for disposable hygiene product production ( diaper and healthful napkin ) , as advantageously as selling ADHESIVE , SPANDEX , SAP , PE FILM and MAGIC TAPES.So far , we are static partner for illustrious hygiene producers in India , Pakistan , Egypt , Jordan , Vietnam , Brazil , South Africa and Turkey.NEWBUSI Nonwoven Fabric features in:1 ) . NA1110 : SSS Philic NW for Core Wrap2 ) . NA1115 : SSS Premium Soft Philic NW for Top Sheet3 ) . NG1215 : SMMS Phobic NW for Leak Guard4 ) . NG2113 : SSS Super Phobic NW for Back Sheet & Waistband * Weight and Width can be customized.Pls feel destitute to contact us anytime if you have any needs , we 're e'er at your service .
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